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  • Jim Brustles

    Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to get any automotive repairs or maintenance done. They are awesome to deal with, super fair prices and they are the most honest mechanics I have ever dealt with and THE only ones I will let anywhere near my vehicle with full trust. I've had Rick redo my muffler which sounds amazing and the boys in the shop have repaired a fair amount other things for me. a+ 5/5

  • Merv Strome

    I was provided the details of what needed fixing, including cost, prior to starting the work. As they needed my vehicle for several days I appreciated them parking the van inside each night. When repairs were completed they explaind details again and mentioned that they shampooed the carpet where antifreeze from the heater core had leaked. No charge for this. Overall I'm pleased with the quality of repair and the friendly staff.

  • Sneha Bodhun

    Very satisfied with the quality of work, the honesty of the team, and the accurate affordable cost. Chris and Cam are very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Best place in Calgary to get any automotive work done, with the most up to date technology and timely service. 🙂

  • PsycoTurnip

    Always friendly workers, gives good advice and prompt service. I'll never get my car repaired anywhere else. 

  • Dean

    Carline Automotive would be my first and only choice. They do fantastic work, they are detailed and get the job done quickly and properly. I strongly suggest Carline Automotive for your vehicle repairs.